Organoids and spheroids imaging

Long term imaging of a wide range of organoids

  • Multi-positions long term imaging (up to weeks)
  • Easy sample mounting and medium exchange
  • Wide range of organoid types (intestinal, pancreas, brain, gastruloids)
  • Formation of luminal structures in brain organoids
    Akanksha Jain, group of Barbara Treutlein
    D-BSSE Basel
  • Intestinal organoid development from a single cell
    Gustavo de Medeiros, group of Prisca Liberali
    FMI Basel

Publications using LS1 Live

  • Yang et al., Cell fate coordinates mechano-osmotic forces in intestinal crypt morphogenesis. Nature Cell Biology 2021
  • Rossi et al., Embryonic organoids recapitulate early heart organogenesis. Cell Stem Cell 2020
  • He et al.: Lineage recording reveals dynamics of cerebral organoid regionalization. bioRvix 2020
  • Serra et al., Self-organization and symmetry breaking in intestinal organoids development. Nature 2019.

Oocytes and Embryos imaging

Imaging of oocytes and embryos in micro-drop culture

  • Precise temperature and CO2 and O2 control ensure optimal sample development.
  • Compatible with micro-drop culture.
  • High NA detection objective to resolve subcellular structures (e.g. single chromosome / kinetochores).
  • Mouse embryo development from two cells stage to blastocyst
    Diane Pelzer, group of Jean-Leon Maitre
    Institut Curie, Paris

Publications using LS1 Live

  • Dumortier et al.: Fracking and Ostwald ripening position the lumen of the mouse blastocyst. Science 2019
  • Welling et al.: Primed Track, high-fidelity lineage tracing in mouse pre-implantation embryos using primed conversion of photoconvertible proteins. Elife 2019

Zebrafish and other model organism imaging

Imaging of a variety of model organisms at high resolution

  • Large field of view up to 800um
  • Easy multi-positions imaging with no need of agarose embedding
  • Automatic tracking of region of interest during time-lapse
  • Dorsal view of Zebrafish somitogenesis
    Olivier Venzin, group of Andrew Oates
    EPFL Lausanne
  • Automated online tracking of tail signal in Zebrafish embryo
    Arianne Bercowsky, group of Andrew Oates
    EPFL Lausanne

Publications using LS1 Live

  • Rohde et al.: Cell-autonomous generation of the wave pattern within the vertebrate segmentation clock. bioRvix 2021
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