LS1 Live light sheet microscope system

Complete live imaging system based on light sheet technology.

LS1 Live light sheet microscope

Table top instrument

Microscope can be installed on a table without active vibration isolation. Sample area is protected from ambient light.

Temperature, CO2 and O2

Sealed sample area enables efficient CO2, O2 and humidity control. Temperature is controlled by reliable air heating system.

Time-lapse imaging

Designed for time-lapse imaging, from short fast acquisions to several days long experiments.

Inverted microscope geometry

Detection objective facing upwards, like in any inverted microscope.

  • Complete sample isolation to maintain sterility
  • Easy sample mounting, small culture media volume
  • Medium exchange, drug addition during time-lapse
  • High NA detection objective (Nikon 25X NA 1.1)
style switcher

style switcher

Dual illumination light sheet

Better illumination light penetration and stripe reduction.

  • Better light penetration, reduction of stripes
  • Adjustable light sheet thickness
  • Motorized beam alignment for each objective
  • Beam re-alignment within a running time-lapse

Multi-position imaging

Fast acquisition of many samples in parallel.

  • Many specimens can be placed next to each other
  • Long travel range along one axis
  • Software controlled multi-position acquisition
  • Samples placed in dedicated FEP bottom dish
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Flexible microscope control software

Easy to use and flexible microscope control software

LS1 Live light sheet microscope
LS1 Live light sheet microscope

Flexible time-lapse control

Do you need to delete a position, extend a Z range or change laser intensity without stopping a running time-lapse? It's possible!

Native and portable application

No integration into operating system enables easy software upgrades and parallel use of multiple versions.

Smart microscopy ready

Jointly with our customers we are developing a range of possibilities to control our software from the outside world.

Wide range of applications

From a single mammalian cells to organoids and embryos.

Intestinal organoids

Mouse embryos

Zebrafish embryos

C. elegans embryos

Neural tube organoids

HeLa cells